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Seek Growth


Seek Growth offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business.

We have over 20 years of experience  of growth, innovation and startups and we know that you can't advice somebody to success. You need a hands on partner!

Startup thinking and strategy is included.

Contact us to learn more.


About Seek Growth

Seek Growth i Eskilstuna AB was founded in 2018 with one single mission: Niklas Sikström wanted to make a sustainable difference in the Swedish Innovation Ecosystem and to make people, ideas and businesses grow. Today, thank's to a wide network of friends who are consultants, we can provide you with a wide range of services, tools and a complete team for excellence growth and strategy.


Seek Growth Services

Strategic Growth Planning Session

Hands on guidance and tools for success.

Startup-Corporation Collaboration

Be more competitive and more innovative by Startup Collaboration

Business modeling

Grow Your Business

Innovation Ecosystem fit

Expert guidance and strategic know-how about the Swedish Innovation and Startup Ecosystem.

Project management

Starting, guiding, driving and succeeding your projects.

Team Workshops and do-tanks

Build and implement strategy and business plans by using the force of the team.

Board and management consulting

Get the best out of your board and management team.

Our Projects

Since the start of Seek Growth i Eskilstuna AB in 2018, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.


Ignite Sweden 2018-

Startup-Corporation Collaboration

 SEEK GROWTH has been a consultant and partner to Ignite Sweden since 2018.

Ignite Sweden is the national network for startup-corporation collaboration. It is a non-profit owned and powered by SISP-Swedish Incubators & Science Parks.

Over the years SEEK GROWTH has taken project lead in several matchmaking events and also performed interviews with stakeholders, scouted startups and supported in general business development.


Electrification Hub 2023-

Accelerate the transition towards electrification and electro mobility

Electrification Hub is a collaboration platform for Mälardalens University and IOM such as ALSTOM, VOLVO CE,  HITACHI, EPIROC within the field of electrification of heavy transport.

SEEK GROWTH is supporting Electrification Hub with startup Know how, event management  and project support in different projects.


Region Sörmland 2018-

Innovation Ecosystem Excellence

Since 2018 SEEK GROWTH has helped Region Sörmland with reaching for a better innovation ecosystem landscape. We have provided with Business Intelligence as well as project management and administration.


Sweden Innovation Days

Worlds biggest online startup matchmaking

In the context of a world closing down due to a pandemic in 2020 and Swedish startups calling to tell us that their possibilities to reach customers hade disappeared we pitched the idea of an online event called #SIR2020 to Ignite Sweden, and together we pitched it to Vinnova.

It became the worlds biggest online startup matchmaking event, with 440 meetings and SEEK GROWTH was nominated as Inventor of the year in Eskilstuna Näringsliv 2021 for it.


Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 2023-2024

National Innovation ecosystem conference

In both 2023 in Lund and 2024 in Luleå, Seek Growth got the responsibility to manage and design a part of the stage program.
We designed the program, engaged speakers, administrated the keynotes and supported the main page moderator. We also moderated and designed breakout sessions.

Skärmavbild 2024-04-22 kl. 17.31.46.png

Sörmlands Innovationsvecka #SIV 2021-

Regional Innovation ecosystem conference

Region Sörmland and its innovation Ecosystem had the need of a cohesive take on communication to the need owners in the region. The answer was an innovation week and SEEK GROWTH got the commission to design and manage the first one in 2021. Since then #SIR has developed and evolved and we still got the privilege to back it.


SLUSH 2016-

Getting the most out of the worlds leading Startup event

Over the years taking part of SLUSH we learned some valuable lessons how to navigate and gett the most bang for the buck out of participating at this event.
We have put together groups of investors and Startups, we have arranged side events and meetups and we have done research for Companies going there, and set up meetings and agendas for them.


Keynote speaker

Spreading the good word

SEEK GROWTH has been engaged as moderator or keynote at several events such as ELFACK, Sveriges Innovationsriksdag, Sörmlands Innovationsvecka, Finansieringsdagarna, Stora Marknadsdagen etc.

Topics have been Startup collaboration, Innovation and growth.

Wild Horses in Black & White

Board workshop 2021

Strategy work

Seek Growth was asked by Agro Öst facilitate and lead a board meeting with the aim to produce a new strategy.


Board workshop 2018-2019

Alignment of leadership and strategy

With a new owner directive and a recruitment of a CEO coming up, the board of Alfred Nobel Science Park felt that the timing was perfect to take the opportunity to align the boards leadership and long term strategy for ANSP.
Seek Growth teamed up with Profengy and Progressive Leadership to moderate and build a series of workshops helping them reach that goal.

Wild Horses in Black & White

Startup Horse tech

From horse enterprise to horse tech

Seek Growth was asked by Agro Öst to setup an inspiration workshop for a group of with very experienced "horse people". The goal was to se if it could lead to an interest of a bigger project aiming for starting more Horse tech Startups in Sweden.

High potential_edited.jpg

High Potential 2018-2019

More Startups in Eskilstuna

The mission was to change the trend and to enable for more Startups to establish and growing in the municipality of Eskilstuna, Sweden.
We designed and facilitated a brand new workshop for people that had a great idea and in the end of 2018 we did two days of Startupidea acceleration. All on a very slim budget.

Our investments and startup projects

In addition to our regular consulting we are always keen on supporting and developing smart and sustainable ideas.

Sometime that leads to investing in, or co-funding a new startup.



In 2019  SEEK GROWTH invested time and equity in to a startup that was determined to IOT-operate gates by solar power.
In 2020 we did an exit and gave the equity back to the founders. Today the project is on hold .


In 2020 SEEK GROWTH Co-founded Träningsvä together with the founder MLIE AB.


Träningsvärket is a online personal coach that help you achieve a resilient and healthier lifestyle. 




In 2021 SEEK GROWTH and MLIE AB funded re:Gear and started to build a circular plattform for second hand shopping of sport gear.  The business idea was to make it more easy and safe to access affordable sports gear. Unfortunately we did not get the payment platform  to work as we wanted.



Next investment

We are always exploring new ideas and are always interested in investing time and money in great, sustainable ideas.

Contact us if you want to collaborate with us!

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