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Seek Growth


Seek Growth offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business.

We have over 20 years of experience  of growth, innovation and startups and we know that you can't advice somebody to success. You need a hands on partner!

Startup thinking and strategy is included.

Contact us to learn more.


About Seek Growth

Seek Growth i Eskilstuna AB was founded in 2018 with one single mission: Niklas Sikström wanted to make a sustainable difference in the Swedish Innovation Ecosystem and to make people, ideas and businesses grow. Today, thank's to a wide network of friends who are consultants, we can provide you with a wide range of services, tools and a complete team for excellence growth and strategy.


Seek Growth Services

Strategic Growth Planning Session

Hands on guidance and tools for success.

Startup-Corporation Collaboration

Be more competitive and more innovative by Startup Collaboration

Business modeling

Grow Your Business

Innovation Ecosystem fit

Expert guidance and strategic know-how about the Swedish Innovation and Startup Ecosystem.

Project management

Starting, guiding, driving and succeeding your projects.

Team Workshops and do-tanks

Build and implement strategy and business plans by using the force of the team.

Board and management consulting

Get the best out of your board and management team.

Our Projects

Since Seek Growth i Eskilstuna AB began in 2000, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.


Ignite West 2019

Startup-Corporation Collaboration

"Take the lead of the biggest Matchmaking project of 2019 and make sure that we deliver our usual high quality meetings between Startups och Corporations!"
The resolut was over 100 meetings between 18 different Corporates and 35 great Swedish startups.


SLUSH 2016-

Getting the most out of the worlds leading Startup event

Over the years taking part of SLUSH we learned some valuable lessons how to navigate and gett the most bang for the buck out of participating at this event.
We have put together groups of investors and Startups, we have arranged side events and meetups and we have done research for Companies going there, and set up meetings and agendas for them.

High potential_edited.jpg

High Potential 2018-2019

More Startups in Eskilstuna

The mission was to change the trend and to enable for more Startups to establish and growing in the municipality of Eskilstuna, Sweden.
We designed and facilitated a brand new workshop for people that had a great idea and in the end of 2018 we did two days of Startupidea acceleration. All on a very slim budget.


Region Sörmland 2018

Innovation Ecosystem Excellence

The project specification was to provide our customer Region Sörmland with insight of the regional innovation Ecosystem to use as support in the process of making a new regional innovation and enterprise strategy.
We did over 30 interviews with municipalities, Science Parks and other actors of the local innovation ecosystem, and provided with know-how.


Speaker at Power Circle Summit 2019

Spreading the good word

During the Elfack Fair Niklas was one of the speakers at stage talking about the importance of Startup-Corporation Collaboration, both at Power Circle Summit and Switch conference 2019.



Live the brand

Seek Growth is all about getting things done, creating value, big hairy audacious goals, living the startup culture and doing the scale up journey.
We have out in sweat equity into the Startup Gatewatcher.
Our goal is to offer solar powered automation of gates.


Board workshop 2018-2019

Alignment of leadership and strategy

With a new owner directive and a recruitment of a CEO coming up, the board of Alfred Nobel Science Park felt that the timing was perfect to take the opportunity to align the boards leadership and long term strategy for ANSP.
Seek Growth teamed up with Profengy and Progressive Leadership to moderate and build a series of workshops helping them reach that goal.

Wild Horses in Black & White

Startup Horse tech

From horse enterprise to horse tech

Seek Growth was asked by Agro Öst to setup an inspiration workshop for a group of with very experienced "horse people". The goal was to se if it could lead to an interest of a bigger project aiming for starting more Horse tech Startups in Sweden.

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